Our Solutions

We offer HUDs for use in professional/industrial applications such as in commercial vehicles, trains, off-highway vehicles, and construction machines.

Even though all our solutions are unique they are based on our two basic types of HUDs described below.


Traditional HUD for commercial use

We have created a HUD platform suitable for commercial use:

  • Combiner based optical platform with generous field of view and eye-box
  • Virtual position of image at comfortable focal distance for the operator
  • High resolution image in full colour. Source of image is PGU from world-leading supplier in the Automotive segment
  • High light intensity to ensure image visibility even in front of solar reflection from snow or wet road
  • Electrical platform adapted for specific customer demands, for instance we have a 24 V solution compatible with commercial vehicle standard demands
  • Overall developed for harsh conditions and for long endurance

Installation volume inside dashboard suitable for large cabins.


Holographic Transparent Display

As alternative to our traditional HUD, we are also providing a holographic transparent display solution:

  • Suitable when space inside dashboard is limited
  • Holographic film is laminated to certain area of the vehicle’s windshield. We are cooperating with one of the world-leading suppliers of such film
  • Image created by projector. Several different projectors possible to use where choice is based on customer demands for resolution, light intensity etc

Electrical platform adapted for specific customer demands

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